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June 15, 2009 - 6am, Kingsburg Orchards

We are happy to introduce to you our brand new website dedicated to helping our little growing dinosaurs. Explore this site to find plenty of useful and enjoyable activities. You can teach, learn, cook, and play with the assortment of ideas, facts, teaching tools and downloadable material that can only be found here. Find out what's coming up soon in our "What's New" section below.




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June 10, 2009 - 6am, Kingsburg Orchards

Recipes: Dinosaur Egg Ice with Sliced White Peaches
Recipes: Fruit Salsa
downloadable: Flower Pollination
Downloadable: Receptacle Pollination
Downloadable: Pollination Vocabulary Crossword

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Educational tools Section:

Are you a Parent? Teacher? or just someone who loves to learn and enjoys teaching others? Well this is your lucky day!


what is a dino egg | Different types of Pluots | Who grows Dinosaur Eggs | health statistics | Nutrition Facts | Printable Material

News & History Section:

We strive to keep our communities and families smart & healthy by providing the freshest most unique fruits grown locally here in California. Learn how our company became so successful.


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Tasty treats, healthy snacks and delicious desserts.


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Little ones can win Big! See how easy it is to participate.


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Q: Are you giving tours of your company?


A: Not at this time. we are planning to start a school field trip program,
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Q: Where can i find your Dino Egg Brand?


A: There are a lot of grocery stores carrying our brand. Check out your nearest grocery store.